Children’s video clip by Saddleback Kids
The Story of Easter – The Last Supper
Children’s Song (click below)
My God Shall Supply (Ishmael ℗ 2002 Integrity Music)

My God shall supply all my needs
My God shall supply all my needs

My God shall supply all my needs
‘Cause it says so in the bible.

‘Cause it says so (WHERE)!
In the book that came from heaven
‘Cause it says so (WHERE)!

Isaiah 58:11

My God shall supply all my needs
‘Cause it says so in the bible.


A Family Prayer

Father God,
Thank you for supplying all our needs.
Thank you for each other             name everyone in your family
Thank you for our friends             ask everyone to say the name of their best friends
Thank you for our special meals     ask everyone to say their favourite foods
And thank you that the bread you feed us
is a forever food. Amen

You could use these activities on Sunday or later in the week to take this theme further.

Activity suggestion 1 Craft: lay the table and celebrate a ‘family supper’

  1. Make a small paper place-mat and decorate it. Place on it your own plate or make one out of paper, using a real plate as a template. Place the paper plate on your place mat
  2. Find or draw some pictures of bread, and put them on your plate.
  3. Make a mosaic goblet – if you have a plastic cup, simply cover it with different colour tissue…
  4. .. you made the playdough last week (using Sue Slater’s recipe– see Worship this week Mothering Sunday 22 March) why not make a plate, goblet and bread from that and put it on your plate.

As you do this chat about:

  1. What is your favourite miracle of Jesus?
  2. The special meal Jesus shared with his friends was called the Passover meal, what special meals have you celebrated together?
  3. At the end of the video clip Jesus said he would send a helper to them, the Holy Spirit. Who helps each of you when you need it?

Activity 2 Game: Get filled – for life!

Loaf tins/cake tins (or similar) lined up in a ladder-type row. On the right of the tins write words ‘I am the bread of life’ / on the left will the number values 1-6 (one word/number per tin). Get everyone to aim and throw rolled up newspaper/tissue or ping pong balls/bean bags into the tins, then add up the scores. Be prepared to give one of your own things up as a prize for the winner!

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