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Brother Sister Let me help you: Click here
From Heaven you came:  Click here

Songs selected by Mike Kerslake

A message from Mike:
‘We’re living in unsettling times right now and in choosing the music for this morning I wanted to face this rather than ignore it. I found inspiration in the psalms, several of which start with very human emotions – fear, anger, guilt, confusion. As the psalm continues, the focus moves from the struggles of life to a view of our wonderful God, with a hugely uplifting change in the writer’s perspective. So, I’ve tried to have a similar flow in our worship – lifting our thoughts from everyday reality to eternal reality!

‘You may not be familiar with the song I’ve chosen to follow the sermon, but I hope you find it as inspiring as I do, especially in the context of today’s preaching.

‘I’ve chosen versions of the songs from YouTube that I find musically inspiring, and I hope this works for you too! But it means the opening song doesn’t have the lyric displayed. So, I’m sorry if you like to sing along, but don’t know the words. Maybe you can join in the chorus or just turn the volume up and let the music flow over you!’

To open:
Leaning on the arms of Jesus                   Click here
Open the eyes of my heart Lord            Click here
Who is there like you?                                  Click here

To reflect on after the sermon:
When I look at the blood                           Click here

To finish:
Jesus hope of the nations                          Click here

Please give Kate your feedback on the song choices on Worship this Week. You might like to suggest some yourself!

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