Material for teens and older children

by Patrick Coad

Anyone for dodgeball?
Who do you find easy to trust, and why?

Listen to Duncan reading our Bible reading for today, or read it for yourself in Luke chapter 24 verses 36-49.

Have you heard this story before?

The two from the road to Emmaus have run back, excited, to tell the others. And the women have already run back to tell the disciples that Jesus is alive.

How many times do you need to hear something before you believe it?
It probably depends what it is.

How about the news that someone that died is alive again?

I reckon if it was me, I’d think they were scheming, trying to prank me. I wouldn’t likely believe the ladies, or these two that come running in. But then, the one thing that would make it impossible to deny any more – the one thing that could convince me – comes into the room. Jesus! Risen from the dead!

Sometimes we can’t imagine what it was like for the disciples, as we sit on the other side of the story and after 2000 years of churches telling others about Jesus.

We know the end of the story, we know what Jesus is promising, and we may know that the Holy Spirit is coming in a few weeks. We know Jesus died and rose again, for us. But can you trust it is true?

Watch this:

When Jesus calls us, he asks us to believe in, and do, some things that a lot of people might think are crazy (like letting someone hit a tennis ball at you!). But most of all we are called to trust. He doesn’t give up when we have questions. He doesn’t give up on us when we doubt. He doesn’t give up on us. He doesn’t give up on you.

Ben and Michael in the video, and the people you see at church, believe the stories of Jesus.

Do you trust him too?

Let’s pray

Jesus, help us when we face challenges, doubt or feel afraid. Help us not to flinch. Let us know that you are alive with us, giving power and strength in everything we face.

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