Families page for 3 January 2021 – The Wise Men

Opening prayer

Sign for “thank you”:

Dear God
Thank you for family and friends.
Thank you that your love for me never ends.

Jesus and the wise men
The wise men, or magi, came to visit Jesus quite some time after he was born – perhaps weeks or months after the shepherds.   They brought some very unusual gifts for a baby – find out more in the story.

We Three Kings 

We can’t embed this video in our web page, so please click HERE to view it on YouTube:


Song of the Wise men – A beautiful worship song written in 2004


Guess the gift game
You will need: an empty box, a blindfold or scarf and some random items from around the house.
How to play: Take it in turns to wear the blindfold.  One random item is placed in the box.  Using just your senses of touch, hearing and smell, can you work out what is in the box?
Origami stars – see the instruction images on the Together@Home pages (see link below)

Have a look at the Together@ Home pages HERE for discussion ideas, puzzle sheet and origami star instruction images. 

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