Have a look at the resources below, and decide what you would like to use for your worship. There is a variety to suit all ages.
Set aside a time and a place (kitchen table, sofa) for God that works well for you. Try to keep Sunday special, but feel free to dip in to any of the resources at any time throughout the week.
If you are able to, you might like to print children’s or all age resources before you begin.
Then simply worship just where you are, knowing that you are still connecting with your St Andrew’s family.

Worship Suggestions for families with younger children

Includes Bible story cartoon, song, activities and prayer, by Karin Rayner, Children’s Pastor: Click here.

Material for older children and youth

by Patrick Coad: Click here.

Opening prayer

Faithful one, whose word is life:
come with saving power
to free our praise,
inspire our prayer
and shape our lives
for the kingdom of your Son,
Jesus Christ our Lord.


Our opening music for this week

Feel free to select from the songs offered, or to use them all if you’d like to. You can sing out loud or listen to the music, whichever helps you worship.
Songs selected by Karen Gazzard.

Holy Holy (Lift Up His Name)
It is good to declare the truth about God and who He is, which is unchanging. Despite how we feel, what is going on around us, nothing changes that God is Holy, and we sing and declare the truth in our lives and hearts! 

Lord I Need You
Speaking of our need for God – personally and collectively – He is always there for us to call on, and confess our need of Him.

You Never Let Go
God is with us in every up and down in life – when we feel like we can’t hold on any longer, we find that God is holding us with His everlasting arms.

We say sorry to God

We come to God knowing that only he sees our hearts completely,
let’s take moment of time to ask for his forgiveness and peace.
You may like to pause after each sentence and tell God anything specific that is on your

Say these words of the confession out loud:

God of love and mercy,
we recognise that none of us are perfect.
We turn from the wrong things
we have thought and said and done.
We are aware of the good things that we have failed to do.
For the sake of Jesus, who died for us,
forgive us for all that is past,
and help us to live each day
in the light of Jesus our risen Lord.

We receive God’s forgiveness

May the God of love and mercy
forgive us and free us from our sins,
heal and strengthen us by his Spirit,
and raise us to new life in Jesus Christ.

Bible reading of Luke 24.36-49 read by Duncan Twigg, and sermon by Rev’d Janice Vickers

Song suggestions

Boldly I Approach Your Throne
Jesus has made it possible for us to come to the throne of the Father, because of His righteousness and nothing we have done. We just need to accept the invitation.

See What A Morning


By Rev’d Kate Wyles with Songbird by Annie Hunt and Graham Kirby Smith.
(Lyrics+music: Christine McVie, Copyright 1976 Universal Music Publishing Group)

The Blessing

We end by saying a Blessing:

May the risen Lord Jesus bless us.
May He watch over us and renew us
as He renews the whole of creation.
May our hearts and lives echo His love
And the blessing of God Almighty; Father, Son and Holy Spirit be with us and everyone we love,
now and always

Closing Hymn

Morning Has Broken
This hymn speaks of the simple, timeless beauty of God that he has placed everywhere around us to enjoy. Some people like me may be enjoying the small amount of time we are able to be outdoors, soaking in the sun, the birdsong, the beauty of spring. This hymn simply reminds us that God is in every morning, every blessing, every gift in our lives. He is alive and His creation speaks to us of that every day.

Prayer Ministry

For prayer requests to the prayer ministry team please email The requests are prayed for by St Andrew’s clergy and the prayer ministry team on duty this week; they are kept confidential to this group.


Join us for on-line Church Coffee on Sunday 3 May at the slightly later time of 11.45am (to allow Fusion parents to attend). You will find the link in this week’s Mailchimp email message from our vicar, Kate. See you there!

Fusion Youth Group
is running. Friday Fusion virtual youth club is at 7pm, and Sunday Fusion Bible Group is at 11am. Please help your young people ‘get’ there. Their friends are welcome too.
Contact Patrick on for the code, or give Jason Wyles a call.

Andy’s Natter: We are missing our Andy’s Café friends. Join us for a natter on Mondays 11.30 to 12.10, and Wednesdays 10.10 to 10.50, using the Zoom codes in the weekly Mailchimp email.

Don’t forget to see Malcolm’s Musical Calendar – each day a message and a piece of music to listen to during these challenging times: visit

How about making a patchwork prayer square during the lockdown? When joined together, we hope to hang the prayer squares somewhere at Church. You can use anything to make your prayer square: fabric, buttons, ribbon etc. For details see our “Be encouraged” page:

The Daily Hope service is a new C of E free phone line that brings church worship into the homes of people without the internet. Please tell family and friends who might appreciate it, or try it yourself: 0800 804 8044. You will be greeted with a recorded message from Justin Welby himself!

Paper Order of Service
Members of St Andrew’s without internet have been sent paper orders of service to follow on Sundays. If you would like a copy to use or pass on, please let Kate know.

Stay in, stay safe and keep others safe too. Let’s avoid a second spike of infection.