Opening prayer

Sign for “help”:

Dear God
Help me to know that you are always there
me to see how much you care
me to listen to you – if I dare
and help me to talk to you in prayer.

Story: Samuel hears from God
Let’s sing: God speaks in many different ways

Something to talk about
  1. Where did Samuel grow up?
  2. Samuel was still a boy when he first heard God – do you think there is a minimum (or maximum) age to hear from God?
  3. Samuel did not recognise God’s voice at first. What did Eli tell Samuel to say when God called him?
  4. God speaks to people in lots of different ways. Some people might:
    1. Hear God’s voice
    2. Have special dreams from God
    3. See pictures or visions from God
    4. Get a special feeling in their tummy or gut
    5. Receive messages from God from other people

   Have you ever heard from God?

 Activity Ideas

Think about the ways that you connect with God.  Some people:

  • See God in nature
  • Connect with God through crafts or colouring
  • Find Active prayers helpful to chat to God
  • Feel closer to God when singing or dancing
  • Enjoy Bible stories
  • Connect with God in other ways

Perhaps this week you can spend some time doing the activities that you find most helpful for you to connect with God. 

Maybe you want to try something new and see if you can hear from God? 


Sign for “thank you”:

Dear God
Thank you for family and friends.
Thank you for your love that never ends.

Get your crayons out!

Click here to download and print a sheet you can colour in: Colouring-Page-for-Luke-11-28

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