Material for teens and older children, by Patrick

What does Emmaus Road mean to you? A church in a school?

The story of Jesus appearing on the road to Emmaus is one of the well-known resurrection stories. Luke tells us about it in his gospel.

Do you sometimes hear stories about the disciples and think you could do better? Peter denies Jesus, Thomas doubts him, and these two on the road don’t recognise him.

Or maybe, it’s reassuring for you to know that those first followers of Jesus were just like us, being afraid, asking questions, and not quite getting it. But they kept going.

As I thought about this story, I thought about another story (Matthew 16:13 – 20). Jesus asks his disciples who they think he is. Peter says “Christ”. Jesus replies to Peter that this was revealed to him by God.

As I think about Peter, and these disciples on the road, I think my story is a bit like that. I grew up going to church, believing in God and Jesus, but there was a moment in my life when something changed. God revealed to me who Jesus really is. (ask me about it some time, if you want).

Does anyone in your home have a story like this? Does their story have a moment like the travelers on the road, and their “eyes were opened”?
Now how about your story? Have you had a moment when your God showed you who He is?

Think back over the stories you’ve heard. Read some of the stories from the Bible. Ask God to reveal Jesus to you today. You may find the following video helpful.

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