Welcome to our Worship for Sunday 13 September

A special welcome if you are  joining us for the first time.  We’d love to welcome you properly, so please click here to send an email: welcome@standrewsgwp.org 


Today our service for children and families  is “Samuel hears from God”: Click here to open the page.

For our main online worship today  we are pleased to include the service recorded in St Andrew’s last Sunday morning Sunday, 6 September – our first live service since March. The restrictions means numbers are severely limited. It also needs to be of a shorter length and include a Holy Communion each week.  It was our first attempt to record a service in church so it is not up to the standards we aspire to: our technical people are on on a learning curve, so please bear with us.  

A technical issue affected the sound during the bible reading and the start of Rob’s sermon, so the texts of both are in a document you can DOWNLOAD HERE. You may wish to print this out before starting the recording to avoid swapping between them later.


Are you a newcomer?
If this is your first time worshipping with us we’d love to welcome you properly and keep in touch. Please click here to send us an email: welcome@standrewsgwp.org

St Andrew’s weekly news email
If you’d like to be added to the distribution list for the weekly church email, send an email to Helen in the church office (but working at her home):  office@standrewsgwp.org

Open for Sunday worship
St Andrew’s reopened last Sunday 6 September for a short service of Holy Communion at 10am. As you are probably aware, there are limited numbers, according to Government regulations, and, sadly, no singing.  If you are among the group of people most vulnerable to Covid-19, Government and Church of England suggestion is that you avoid gathering in church for now. For those not able to attend church due to the restricted numbers, we are recording each week’s service and will use it as the basis of our online service the following Sunday, with extras.

Prayer for our Mission Partners
Please check our Mission Far & Near web site www.goldsworthpark.org.uk/mission to see the latest news from our Mission Partners. They are all facing new and extensive challenges at this time and need our prayers.

Prayer Ministry
For prayer requests to the prayer ministry team please email prayer@standrewsgwp.org. The requests are prayed for by St Andrew’s clergy and the prayer ministry team on duty this week; they are kept confidential to this group.