Sunday 6th September 2020 family page – Paul’s Shipwreck (Acts 27)

by Karin Rayner, Children’s pastor.

Opening prayer

Sign for ‘Help’

Dear God,
Help me to know how much you care
Help me to remember that you are always there
Help me to bring my worries to you in prayer.

Story: Paul’s Shipwreck
Summary and prayer
Let’s sing!

Something to talk about
  1. Paul was a prisoner on a ship – where was the ship going?
  2. What did Paul say would happen?
  3. During the storm the sailors were very scared but Paul was calm – why was Paul not afraid? Have you ever been scared? What happened? Did you talk to God about it?


Activity Ideas

Make a stormy collage using any blue/green craft materials you can find around the house, or make a rocking paper plate boat.

Credit: With thanks for resources based on and

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