Welcome to our Worship for Sunday 26 July

For children and families, this week we start a new series on Daniel: click here.

Our vicar, Kate, writes: “As St Andrew’s small technical and production team takes a well-earned Sabbath rest this week, would you give thanks to God for them, and for our worship leaders who have learnt so much about on-line worship in such a short-space of time.

“I have some suggestions for your worship this week. You might join Sunday Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB), which is leading Focus 2000 (see below) with Jo Saxton, Archie and Sam Coates and Nicky Gumbel, plus materials for children, youth and students. Worship goes live from 9.30am.”

More suggestions

You can click below to hear Bishop Jo’s sermon on Matthew 13.31-33, 44-52, and featuring Winnie the Pooh.
Or you might like to re visit our material from a previous Sunday (click here for the index), or re-watch a YouTube video from St Andrew’s (click here).

Or you could link in with worship in other places.
Wherever you worship, I wish you a blessed Sunday.

Next week we will begin our August worship series: Surviving through storms