This week we have the fourth part of the story about Ruth.

Opening prayer

Sign for “thank you”:

Dear God
Thank you for the sunshine.
Thank you for each other.
Thank you for your stories in the Bible and for all they teach us.

The Story of Ruth Chapter 4 ‘Boaz and Ruth get married

Song: I am a friend of God

Activity: a family foot picture

When Boaz married Ruth a whole new family began.

Find a shoe for each family member. Draw around the smallest show first on a piece of paper. Then place the next size shoe on top and draw round that. Keep going until everybody’s foot outline is on the paper, then decorate it together. If you are feeling brave and have paints you could make a picture with actual footprints!

Game: The shopping list game

The first person says, “I went to the shops and I bought…” and then picks an item to go on the shopping list. The next person must repeat what the first person said and add another item to the list. Keep taking it in turns to repeat the list and add something new until somebody cannot remember all the items!

Something to talk about
  1. Boaz was very kind to both Ruth and Naomi, can you remember a time when you were very kind to someone?
  2. Why were you kind?
  3. Can you remember a time when someone was very kind to you?

Closing Prayer


Dear God,
Thank you
for my family and friends.
Thank you to all who help us.
Thank you for your love that never ends.  Amen

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