Worship Suggestions for families with younger children, by Janice

Opening prayer

Sign for “thank you”



      Sign for “promise”

Dear God,
Thank you for the sunshine,
Thank you for each other.
Thank you for your promise in the Bible
that you are always with us.

God is with us 1: based on Luke 24:36-49
Jesus appears to his followers.

Let’s sing! Everybody everywhere!

Craft/Activity suggestions

Chat suggestions

1. Why do you think it was difficult for Jesus’ friends to believe that he was alive?
2. How did Jesus prove to them that he was?
3. We all need ‘helpers’ to help us do the things we need to do, who helps you?

Jesus promised to send a helper from his Father God to help all his friends, this helper is called the Holy Spirit.

Closing Prayer

Dear God
Thank you for my family and friends,
Thank you for all who help us,
Thank you for your love that never ends.

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