Material for teens and older children

by Patrick Coad

It’s not over yet!

It’s looking like some things are getting back to normal. Lockdown rules are being relaxed. But it’s not over yet. It’s unlikely we’ll get back to the A2 before September (maybe even later).

How are we weathering the challenges that life is presenting us with?

As the church continues to explore the story of Job, you can see he had a lot of questions for God. Maybe we’ve got a lot of questions. Why do things like this happen?

God responds to Job. He asks where Job was when the world was made. He asks whether Job has seen where water has come from.

God’s point? Job (and none of us) can understand everything that God has created  – though we might have fun trying. We need to be humble in our trust of God.

In the video below, we hear a familiar story of Jesus. When God speaks to Job, Job is reminded that God has power and authority. In the story of Jesus, we can see that he comes to us with his Father’s power and authority.

A little while after this happened, Jesus asked his friends “who do you say that I am?”

Let’s pray

Jesus, while things slowly get back to some sort of normal, help us to recognise the things that really matter. As we face challenges and changes, help us to see you as the one with power and authority. The one that really matters.

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