This week we have the third part of the story about Ruth.

Opening prayer

Sign for “thank you”:

Dear God
Thank you for providing everything we need.
Thank you for our friends.
Thank you for your stories in the Bible and for all they teach us.

The Story of Ruth Chapter 3: Ruth marries Boaz:

Song: God can do anything

A scavenger hunt to do together today

Can you find an object for each of the things on this list:

  1. Something that helps you when you are hurt.
  2. Something that makes you feel brave.
  3. Something soft to lie on.
  4. Something you use to talk to someone.
  5. Somewhere that you can record your thoughts
  6. Something you can hide under.
  7. Something you can eat.
  8. Something special.

Something to talk about

The love that Boaz had for Ruth is a picture of God’s love for us.  God has plans to care for you.

  1. When Ruth went to lie on the threshing floor she believed that Boaz was a man who could be trusted. Who are your trusted friends and adults?
  2. Boaz wanted to make sure that there weren’t any rumours or gossip about Ruth. Why is gossip a bad thing?  Do you try to avoid gossiping?
  3. Ruth was brave and bold when she went to see Boaz. Can you think of a time when you have had to be brave?

Closing Prayer

Dear God,
Thank you
for my family and friends.
Thank you to all who help us.
Thank you for your love that never ends. Amen

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