What do we REALLY need?

For the last couple of weeks the church has been looking at the story of Job, which popped up a few weeks ago in Fusion. It’s a story that shows us that bad things happen to good people (and I don’t know how things could have been worse for Job). Things going wrong is not a punishment from God.

But it also shows us a faithful man, who, in the end, is restored.

Over the last few months we’ve suffered. Some of us a little, and some of us a lot. We may have lost connection with friends, or time at school. We may have missed a school trip, or cancelled a holiday. In different ways it’s been a tough time for all of us.

Whatever we’ve lost, we will all have different things that we need the most. ( I want a trip to Cornwall!)

In the following video we’re introduced to a story of Jesus, and a group of friends who think they know what’s needed.

As you think about the things you need (or want) the most, think about the story of Job, or the story of this man and his friends. Does it make you think differently?

We can often be convinced that the things we need are money, popularity, or a whole load of the newest stuff, which makes it hard, but important to remember, our greatest need is Jesus.

Let’s pray:

help us to know that you are always with us, just as you promised. Help us to be patient as we wait for a return to normal.
Thank you that you are the one who forgives, who heals, and will one day make all things new.

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