Material for teens and older children on Sunday 24 May

By Patrick Coad

Does prayer work?

In Fusion Sunday Youth Group this week we’re asking, does prayer work?

Ask most Christians, and they’ll tell you a story of answered prayer (my most obvious one involves an A level exam and an evening shift in Iceland).

Watch this

You can find many more stories from Christians explaining why prayer is so important in their lives. Have you had prayer answered?

When we hear people talk about prayer, we find prayer isn’t something to “work” or “not work”. Mother Teresa described prayer as listening to God … and God listening to her.

What do you think of prayer?
aybe it’s a chance to ask for everything you want.
Maybe it’s a good time to grumble about all the things that are unfair.

Prayer can be all of these things or none of these things. But if you want to learn how to pray, check out the things that Jesus said in Matthew chapter 6, verses 5 to 15.

Maybe you can find some other things he taught his disciples about prayer.

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