Material for teens and older children on Sunday 17 May

By Patrick Coad

Taste and see

Do you have a nickname? Do any of your friends?

Most people call me Patrick. At the hockey club they call me Pat. My friends in theatre call me Paddy. And a few (about half a dozen) call me Skins. I’ve had one or two other nicknames, but I’m not telling you what my mum used to call me!

In our Bible story this week Thomas is known as Didymus – the twin. Later he earnt another nickname.

A few weeks ago we heard that the disciples were told by the women, and then by Cleopas and his friend, that Jesus was alive. And then Jesus appeared!

But Thomas was missing. He wasn’t with the other disciples, and said he wouldn’t believe until he saw Jesus for himself. I reckon that’s fair enough, but for 2000 years he’s the one we call “the doubter”.

Read the story for yourself: John 20.24-31

 … or listen to Ilana reading it: click below.

I once said to someone, that I’m not sure I’d have believed in and followed Jesus, if I’d been around at the time. He said: “that’s the Holy Spirit”.

We’ll get to remembering Pentecost properly in a few weeks, when the Holy Spirit came, but for now I’d like you to think about this. Do you feel convinced that Jesus is the Son of God? (Like the soldier at the cross was convinced – see Mark’s Gospel, chapter 15, verse 39)

Maybe you feel a little bit more like Thomas, surrounded by family or friends at church that believe, but not quite persuaded yourself?

How does Jesus respond to Thomas?

Did you notice how Jesus doesn’t turn away from Thomas because he has doubts – he comes and meets with him and helps him believe.

Let’s pray

Jesus, we might feel we’ve heard the stories a hundred times, but unless we meet you for ourselves, we’ll never be able to call you our God. Help us to be patient, and open, to you in our lives, so that we can join with Thomas courageously calling you out as our Lord and God.


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