Welcome to Worship this Week
For Palm Sunday 5 April 2020


Have a look at the resources below, and decide what you would like to use for your worship. There is a variety to suit all ages.

Set aside a time and a place (e.g. kitchen table, sofa) for God that works well for you. Try to keep Sunday special, but feel free to dip in to any of the resources at any time throughout the week. If you are able to, you might like to print children’s or all age resources before you begin.

Then simply worship just where you are, knowing that you are still connecting with your St Andrew’s family.

Worship Suggestions for families with younger children.

Includes Bible story cartoon, song, activities and prayer,
by Janice, Kate and Karin. Click here.

A message from our vicar, Revd Kate Wyles

Opening prayer:

Loving God, we have come to worship you.
Help us to pray to you in faith,
to sing your praise with gratitude,
and to listen to your word with eagerness;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Opening music for this week

Feel free to select from the songs offered, or to use them all in if you’d like to. You can sing out loud or listen to the music, whichever helps you worship.
Songs selected by: Mike Kirtley and Mike Kerslake

A Palm Sunday hymn: 

Worship Songs:

Hosanna (Praise is Rising)
Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?

One for the road?

A video quiz, a story and a question to introduce our worship for Palm Sunday.
By Patrick Coad

Saying sorry to God and receiving God’s forgiveness

Our priorities are not always as Jesus’ would be. So as his followers we take some time to ask his forgiveness, and then start afresh again this Holy Week.

We say sorry to God: Confession

Say these words out loud:

Heavenly Father, we are sorry for the times we haven’t treated others with the care you show us.
For the things we say that hurt each other;
forgive us and help us, we pray.
For the times we insist on getting our own way;
forgive us and help us, we pray.
For the times we argue instead of making peace;
forgive us and help us, we pray.
For our angry words, lack of respect and failure to listen;
forgive us and help us, we pray.
And because sometimes we just get bored with each other;
forgive us and help us, we pray.

We receive God’s forgiveness: Absolution

Thank you, Lord, that when we say sorry to you, you forgive us. 
Help us to be people who forgive each other too. 

What might a spin doctor advise Jesus as he enters Jerusalem?

A monologue by Gareth Hill, presented by Patrick Coad. Used with permission. Copyright 2009 Gareth Hill Publishing.

Bible reading (Luke 19.28-48) and Sermon: “When the cheering stops”
Podcast Preach by Rev’d Chris Harrison
(click the triangle below to start)

Song suggestions for after the sermon.
Meekness and Majesty
I See the King of Glory


Led by Mike & Ruth Kirtley. With thanks to Christchurch, London.

Mike & Ruth Kirtley

For a prayer list of St Andrew’s church front-line workers  please contact Kate.

Lent memory verse – Can you learn and remember it?

Jesus laid in the tomb
Joseph (of Arimathea) took Jesus’ body down from the cross, wrapped it in the cloth, and laid it in a tomb. Then he rolled a stone in front of the entrance. Mark 15.46

Colour your egg puzzle piece in pink, yellow and orange!

A closing song or hymn
All Glory Laud and Honour
My God by Stuart Townend


Join us for on-line Church Coffee on Sunday 5 April at 11.30am. You’ll find the link in this week’s Mailchimp message, sent via email on Friday 3rd April. Email Helen in the church office email address office@standrewsgwp.org if you’d like to be added to the distribution list. All the instructions you need are in the email and it’s free. Don’t forget your coffee, tea or squash! See you there.

Easter and Holy Week: You’ll find simple materials for you to use for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday on the Worship this Week page next week. Please share any TV or radio programmes you’d like to recommend via the St Andrew’s Facebook page.

Easter Day:  We will worship together on-line on Easter Day at 10am. More of that next week. Keep the date!