Welcome to our Summer Series on Bible Superheroes

Each Sunday in August we are looking at a superhero from the bible.

1st Aug – The Good Samaritan – What makes a superhero?
8th Aug – Moses – Even superheroes need helpers
15th Aug – Joshua – Spies, Surprises and Success
22nd Aug – Esther – Brave, Beautiful and Brilliant
29th Aug – David – Puny + God = Powerful

This week we are looking at hero # 2 – Moses – Even superheroes need helpers.

What makes someone a superhero? 
Definition: A Superhero can be an ordinary person in the right place at the right time and who chooses to do the right thing.

Watch the Playmobil video of the story, and see if you can spot the superhero!

A video made especially for St Andrew’s church! It is based on Exodus 2-11

Song: Jesus you’re my superhero – Whiplash Studios

Family Discussion who has helped you to be the person you are?
Superhero challenge – who can you thank for their help today help today?
Craft Idea – make a Moses basket             

Activity Page for  Moses– print (or collect one from church) and complete the activities: CLICK HERE

With BIG thanks to www.tath.co.uk for making this activity sheet especially for us!!