by Janice, Kate and Karin.

Watch the Bible story cartoon from Saddleback Kids:

The Triumphal entry. Luke 19:28-48 – Palm Sunday

Note: Saddleback Kids clips about Jesus begin in the same way … but hang on, the new story will begin!

Make & Chat

Try making a palm leaf or leaf printing.

Simply draw round your hand for the palm leaf shape – use green paper or colour in green and stick onto a stick, a wooden spoon or a roll of paper for the branch. See the pics for ideas of how to do it.

Or collect leaves on your walk today, paint and print.

You could:

  • Wave your palm leaf while you listen to Hosanna Rock, the song below.
  • or stick your craft on your window so passers-by can see it.

Why not take a picture and email it to so your church friends can see it too.

To chat about while making

  1. As a family, remember and talk about a time when you all celebrated a special occasion, what made it special?
  2. Talk about a time when something you were really looking forward to didn’t quite work out as you had thought it would. Why do you think it didn’t work out?
  3. Chat with your child(children) about how Jesus’ friends were cheering and celebrating him on Palm Sunday – but later that week they let him down…
  4. Sometimes our friends can let us down, make us sad. What would be a good thing to do if this happened to you?


Hosanna Rock

Simple prayer to end

Dear God,
thank you for my family and friends,
thank you for your love which never ends.

Other ideas:

Play pin the tail on the donkey! 

Draw a donkey or find a pic on-line. Use a piece of string as the tail, then try to pin or blu tac the tail onto the donkey whilst wearing a blindfold! 

Make a Palm Sunday Parade Picture
Cut out the shapes and colour them in: CLICK HERE

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