Material for older children and young people, including Fusion,
by Patrick Coad

World’s fastest Roller Coaster: Anxiety

What’s the most exciting or scary ride you’ve been on?

I liked Nemesis and Oblivion at Alton Towers, but it’s 10 years since then.  Thankfully, I’ve never felt anxious about any rollercoaster I’ve ever ridden.

But I have had times of fear and worry. I don’t have a brother like Ben in the video, but I do have mates that have been there, and stood by in tough times. Critch is my best mate. Who’s yours?

If you saw last week’s video you’ll have heard Ben talking about the foundation of his life. Building life on Jesus, the rock.

There’s a lot of anxiety and worry right now. How do you feel about the world right now? We can’t overcome it like riding a rollercoaster, we may not be able to meet our mates in the usual way. But Jesus doesn’t change. He’s there in the way he always was, and will be.

While we work out new ways of living our lives, how can you connect to a friend this week? How can you share your concerns?

Thinking about all you know about Jesus, how do you find hope for the future?


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