Wednesday 8 April

Hania Rani is a pianist, composer and musician who was born in Gdansk and splits her life between Warsaw, where she makes her home, and Berlin where she studied and often works.

I find her music honest, real, sometimes edgy, sometimes soothing but never bland. For me… soul music. The piece I’ve chosen is called “Leaving” and comes from her album “Home”. Hanna writes: “I strongly believe that even in uncertain times and living an unstable life we can still reach peace with ourselves and be able to find ‘home’ anywhere. This is what I would like to express with my music – one can travel the whole world but not see anything. It is not where we are going but how much we are able to see and hear things happening around us. “

At the moment we need music that helps us find and see home in a “strange land”. Those wide open spaces … again.