Tuesday 7 April

My friend Michele has suggested a piece by Gary Barlow and the Commonwealth Band. The song is simply called “Sing”.

Michelle continues “In 2012 Gary was sent on Her Majesty’s service to record a special song to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Armed with a laptop and microphone he set off around the world. This song is the result of that journey. I find it so joyous and uplifting. It celebrates the diversity and unity of our world. If you get a chance, watch the documentary of the putting together of this song/film. You get to meet the people involved and hear their stories.”

We need to know we are connected … part of a bigger and wider story. One world. A pandemic knows no boundaries, class, race, gender, sexuality, creed or religion. Maybe there is something we can learn from this terrible tragedy. Let’s not go back to wall building and boundary marking but find ways of building bridges instead. 

The Holy Week story is a story of struggle. The struggle for forgiveness, reconciliation and peace making. The struggle that builds bridges. The struggle that gives us the wide open spaces of Love. 

You Tube: Sing.  Gary Barlow. Commonwealth band and Military Wives.