Wednesday 13 May

My friend Mike writes:

Some at St. Andrew’s will remember Rod and Myra Ward. Rod was a lead musician in the early days of the church and Myra led the Sunday School for many years. They now live in the Scottish Borders and their daughter Amy worked for two years teaching music in a women’s prison in Guatemala. In 2018 they put on a concert in Selkirk of music written by Rod over the years, in aid of a halfway house project in Guatemala for women ex-offenders escaping, many with babies, from the endemic gang culture, Such men and women are pursued by their former gangs and face death if not protected. The concert and CD sales etc raised almost £10,000.

Here is a song written by Rod called “Seeds Of Hope”. It refers in the chorus to the Barrio which is a term for a territory in Latin America. One of the most violent gangs is known as Barrio 18. The recording  quality is not great but I find the words very moving. They speak into a specific situation in a very different culture, but their relevance today to our personal lockdown restrictions and fear for the future is clear. I hope it will bless you as it has Ruth and I.