Saturday 4 April

The Revd Janice Vickers from St Andrews Goldsworth Park shares this: “I’ve always been thankful for a sense of wonder and beauty in this world – even more so as I get older.

“When I was younger, my friends and I played on the common opposite our houses. Making forest camps was a favourite, as were picnics of apple pie and jam sandwiches. Finances were short, debt collectors coming to the door were many and varied – we all had our own hiding place to go to at such times!

“Being young we didn’t realise the pressures our mum and dad were under, much of it hidden as they ‘made do’ with what they had. Their love of music was obvious though. A big vinyl record cabinet led to many a social evening of miming to songs by The Beatles and Freddie and the Dreamers .

“We each had our own song to present at such times, my own special presentation being ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ by The Beatles. One of my Mum’s favourites though was Sachmo’s ‘What A Wonderful World’. She would often go round the house singing this song to herself. This rooted in me, a sense of ‘the world is good’.

“So even though it may be tough I try and make the most of life. My mum passed away when she was 45, yet her love of life remains strong in each of us, and for this I will be eternally grateful.”