Tuesday 19 May

One of my all time favourite films is ‘The Railway Children’. Great story, wonderful music, stunning scenery and fantastic music … plus steam trains. What’s there not to like?

The music, though very much rooted in the period when the film was made, perfectly fitted the screenplay and helped to lock this particular version of the E. Nesbit story into the corporate memory. Very much like the music by Grieg used in the TV adaptation of 1968. 

Of course the high point of the 1970 film is the reunion of Father and daughter on the station platform. The cry of ‘Daddy, my Daddy’ as her father emerges through the smoke and steam is one of cinema’s most poignant moments and taps into our deepest need to love and be loved. Johnny Douglas’ music simply brings it all back. That is what music is for … it takes you right there.