Thursday 30 April

My dear friend Rosie writes:

There may be many reasons why this 1991 ballad charted high and remains on radio playlists 20 years later. The interplay between the C minor verse and A flat major chorus appeals to me in particular – see Beethoven’s Piano Sonata Op 13 “Pathetique” for an extended version of this treat!

It may also be because the lyrics reach us at the level of desire. 

In the time we’re currently living through, words like “promise”, “wait” and “soon” seem heavier and we realise that love is impossible to store up or save, but rather there to be spent on others and ourselves. 

We are having to find creative ways of giving and receiving love, which can be both liberating and life-giving, or exhausting and frustrating. However you need to receive or give love today, I hope this song helps along the way.