Sunday 31 May

Today church communities throughout the world will be celebrating the Feast of Pentecost. Here is a freshly commissioned poem by my friend and poetry mentor Paul Canon Harris. 

Highwayman and Locksmith

You came in lock-down from above,
shape-shifter – fiery tongues, gentle dove,
to cowering friends hiding behind barred doors,
exchanging peace for fear, giving power for cause.
Still you come a holy wraith
to women and men wrestling with faith,
you comfort the struggling, the failing, the dying,
renew and embolden those wearied by trying.
Highwayman you ambush when least expected,
declaring Christ was indeed resurrected,
pressing us to choose between money or life,
guilt or forgiveness, stillness or strife.
Locksmith release us from upper rooms of fear,
change us, reassure us you’ll always be near,
journey with us as we choose the narrow road,
help us carry life’s unwelcome loads
until we finally see His face
risen, ascended in His rightful place.
PCH Bournemouth May 2020


“Veni Sancte Spiritus” (“Come Holy Spirit”) by  Morten Lauridsen