Palm Sunday: 5 April

Palm Sunday is the start of Holy Week which culminates on Easter Day next Sunday. It will certainly be a memorable Holy Week this year. 

My musical friend Mike plays a recorder trio by the Eighteenth Century composer Johann Mattheson. For Mike this special piece brings back precious memories of music making with others. This strange time finds many of us connecting with others in fresh and creative ways. For some though the isolation can be very hard road. 

Today we find Jesus amongst the crowds and then retreating to be with close friends. Later in the week he will be all alone. Give thanks for friendships and networks, however virtual at the moment. Please remember to think and pray for those who feel very alone at the moment. If you know of anyone please please connect with them … safely and appropriately. Personally I will never again take community and relationships for granted. Love is a gift to be nurtured and treasured.