Monday 20 April


My dear friend Clare writes:

During these last few turbulent weeks there has been much talk about NHS workers.

By and large this has been couched in the terminology of war. They are fearless heroes, fighting on the frontline, making sacrifices, battling with the enemy covid-19, and we cheer their victories.

This narrative is similar to that often applied to cancer-sufferers.

However, as it is also the language of aggression and places people in an unhelpful victor/loser dichotomy, there are some who long for an alternative calmer narrative.

Lewisham & Greenwich NHS choir originally founded by TV choirmaster Gareth Malone, recorded a clever mix of two iconic songs, Bridge Over Troubled Water and Fix You, in which they themselves portray their NHS work within the much calmer  narrative of the lyrics and melodies of these songs. The interplay of the two songs also speaks of the mix between old and young.

Accompanied by a moving video, recorded for their December 2018 single release, this music was played after a recent ITV news broadcast, as a tribute to NHS staff who have sadly died following covid 19 illness.