Sunday 26 April

My dear friend Anne has asked for John Rutter’s wonderful song “Look at the world”. When the British Council for the Protection of Rural England came to him in 1996 to write a piece of music to celebrate their 70th anniversary, a simple hymn of praise to the God of Creation was a completely natural flowering of Rutter’s compositional art.

Rutter wrote the text and music: four verses that ask us to consider the wonders of creation and directs praise directly to God as creator.

The music fits the text perfectly. On the surface it appears simple, naive even, yet Rutter simply beguiles us into a false security.  Different textures, intimate harmonies and unaccompanied singing are all there yet never stray from childlike wonder at the environment. As Anne says, “It is a song full of joy and hope, wonderfully lyrical and an uplifting invitation to notice and be thankful for our beautiful world”.

Look at the world: Everything all around us
Look at the world: and marvel everyday
Look at the world: So many joys and wonders
So many miracles along our way