Monday 11 May

My friend Kate writes:

David Greenfield, keyboard player of The Stranglers, sadly died this week from coronavirus.

He wrote the music for ‘Golden Brown’ when experimenting with a new musical riff and then added synth and harpsichord backing tracks to it. The lyrics were controversial:  were they singing about heroin,  or about addiction to a lover?

I remember well the video: at that time when music videos were the new mini-movie. It was shot in Egypt and the UAE!

‘Golden Brown’ wasn’t expected to do well as a single: punk was thought to be pretty much over by then and the Stranglers ‘has beens’. But it went on to win an Ivor Novello award and is a great, great track. Mesmerically comforting (well I think so!) you can almost imagine yourself into an exotic golden brown landscape – bronzing in an exotic location. For me a kind of aid to lockdown day-dreaming, and to thankfulness for creativity and musical talents that get you through, and take you back.