Friday 17 April

Ola Gjeilo is a Norwegian composer who as a child simply liked making up tunes – improvising and “playing by ear” – on the piano. He learnt the more technical stuff later. His music is both evocative and spiritual … to me at least. The piece chosen for today is from the last movement of his Sunrise mass.

The chorale, beginning at Pleni sunt caeli (Heaven and earth are full of your glory) in that movement is the culmination of the Mass. Gjeilo called this piece “The Ground” because he wanted to convey a sense of having “arrived” at the end of the Mass; to having reached a kind of peace and grounded strength after the long journey of the Mass, having gone through so many different emotional landscapes. 

As we journey, at this time, through our different emotional landscapes, hopefully  we will emerge more grounded, more peaceful, more graceful and more responsive human beings.