Friday 3 April

“Home is where the heart is” so the old saying goes. Actually home is where most of us are at the moment. The song “Bring him Home” from the musical Les Miserables is one of the most enduring and beautiful songs in the musical repertoire. A perfect match of words and music. Yet it is the confining restraint of the tenor voice, rather than  its unrestrained force, that makes this song so powerful. It is a song for our time. In some ways being confined “at home”  doesn’t mean we need to be confined in our sharing and finding love. 

In the context of the show, the song is sung by the main character, Jean Valjean, as a prayer over the young man who loves (and will later marry) his daughter. It’s a beautiful song about love and sacrifice in the midst of a bloody revolution, a true love song from an unconfined heart. 

The Bible talks about “the wide open spaces of God’s love”. Yes, home is where the heart is … and the heart is where we can discover the wide open spaces of giving and serving love. The place where we find our true home, even at times like this.

Bonus track – click below! Dr Ben Marsh and his family from Kent offer us another song from Les Miserables. For this family, being at home has been an opportunity for creativity and giving us all a well-needed laugh.