Easter Day, Sunday 12 April

For me Easter Day has two sides to it. The quieter, early morning side as Mary discovers the empty tomb and the “gardener”. The mystery moment as it were. So I’ve chosen a piece by the 16th century English composer William Byrd “Christ rising again” played by my friend Michael Keen. Just treasure the moment, treasure the mystery. 

Then we come to the the celebration side. Not for those who were around at the time of course. As you can imagine there is no shortage of Good News music for Easter to suit every preference, culture and generation. So, as I chose a “classical piece” above, I’ve gone for music of a different genre and generation.

Tim Hughes is a well established and gifted Christian songwriter and performer. He also happens to be an Anglican Vicar. “Happy Day” captures beautifully the life and joy of the  Easter event and message. Enjoy.