Sunday 10 May

My friend Julia writes:

Over this last month or so my eyes have been awakened to the ‘beauty of the earth’.

I have noticed the blueness of the sky.
Butterflies I have not seen in my garden ever, dance their jig around it .
Time to notice and hear the bird song, spending time looking for its provider.
These have helped over these past weeks to break through the days of ‘stir craziness ‘That have slipped into my week off and on.
The different light has changed even the darkest day. Maybe I am really seeing the World again. I am sure that it is more like the one I remember in childhood.
Heart breaking times are better for the kindness that is being revealed in people. The giving of time and talents for the greater good.

This time has certainly allowed me to have time to look afresh at the ‘beauty of the earth’.