On this page you will find the resources for our ‘Introduction to Apologetics’ small group series. There are three talks given by John Hanna that were held in the church which you can download or listen to hear. There are also six small group sessions to download which your small group can work through to gain an understanding of some of the arguments for God’s existence. Feel free to work through the sessions in order or use them one at a time.

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“Introduction to Apologetics – Part 1: An Introduction to Apologetics”, recorded on Sunday 9th September 2018:



Session One:  Creation and the History of the Universe

Session Two: Science, faith and Miracles

Session Three: Human Rights and Morality


“Introduction to Apologetics – Part 2: Suffering and a loving God”, recorded on Sunday 7th October 2018:



Session Four: The Language of the universe

Session Five: Is it all just atoms?

Session Six: It all comes down to Jesus


“Introduction to Apologetics – Part 3: Foundations for Faith: The Argument for God”, recorded on Sunday 11th November 2018: