Christmas Day

I suspect many of us who have stayed the course of this Musical Advent Calendar may have a few other things to do than open up the door today. Well, please save it for later!

For me Christmas is about Love and Mystery. Charles Wesley describes the Incarnation as ‘incomprehensible’, ‘God contracted to a span’. Now is a time not for long explanations, tortuous doctrinal debates but a moment in the busyness to spend a few moments in quiet and slow breathing! As you do, listen to this short piece by Francesco Tarrega. It has no special significance than that I like it and it helps me to centre down and reflect. It is simple and haunting. It is called ‘Lagrima’ which means teardrop. Every note is like a tear. The piece is so delicate.

A Christmas Prayer 

God of Mary the teenager,
By your Holy Spirit visit any who long for a child,
Ache to begin again,
Or know the shadow of public shame.

God of Joseph the dreamer,
Bless all who after disappointment betrayal, or disillusionment
Are learning to dream again.

God of Angels from the realms of Glory
Lift the hearts of those who have nowhere to call home,
No friend to trust,
No future to look forward to.

God of Shepherds abiding in the fields,
Dwell with any on low wages,
All Who’s work disrupts family life,
Those who long to fulfil their potential.

God of Kings and Wise Men,
Guide the hand of the powerful,
Raise up prophets who speak the truth,
And move in the hearts of any who are close to faith.


Malcolm’s Musical Advent Calendar for Christmas Day