Here’s a list of our ten mission partners: FAR and NEAR.

We provide a link after each entry to a separate page containing more details on the mission partner, as well as links to websites, blogs and newsletters (as available).



Talents Children’s Mission is a small home for 20 boys orphaned by AIDS. It was established in 2007 and is located in Elburgon, Kenya. St. Andrew’s people have  supported the home for many years, sponsoring children personally and through their Small Groups.

We have provided funds for a new toilet block and to sink a borehole so the home has its own clean water supply. The Talents home aims to be self-supporting for food through its own smallholding, tended by the boys themselves. Our Sunday School children have raised funds to buy chickens and pigs for the Talents “farm”.
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St Andrew’s Church partners with the International Disaster Response team of Operation Mobilisation (OM) a global movement with a vision to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached. In recent years OM has responded to earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, and refugee crises. St Andrew’s supports a family in which the husband works in the International Disaster Response team and the wife in the OM Communication Team.
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Rachel Smith is a midwife working at the Christian Women’s Hospital (CWH), at Multan in the Punjab Province of Pakistan.  CWH was established over 100 years ago and is currently run by Medical Superintendent Dr Marian Morrison it has 100 beds with approximately 3,500 deliveries per annum.
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Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) uses planes to transform the lives of the world’s most isolated people in need.  MAF’s light aircraft and their mission pilots fly onto desert and jungle airstrips, lakes and rivers, tracks and roads to provide a lifeline. MAF works in partnership with hundreds of other Christian and relief organisations, providing practical help, physical healing, and spiritual hope in many of the most remote and inaccessible communities on the planet.

At St Andrew’s our focus is in supporting MAF’s work in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the Neale family: Israel, Charlene and their son Miles. Israel is a pilot and Charlene works in training and development. MAF flies in areas where no commercial airlines will fly and is in many areas the only medical emergency service.
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The Bishop Hannington Institute of Theology and Development (BHI) is based in Mombasa, Kenya and exists to train individuals for ministry in the East African Church.  Its mission statement is, “Equipping and empowering the people of God for transformative leadership.”

BHI’s students come from seven Anglican Dioceses in Kenya, plus a few from neighbouring countries and some from other churches.  It teaches a rounded programme of Biblical, pastoral and worship classes with an emphasis on practical involvement in mission and ministry in local churches and schools.  In May 2016 there were 43 students enrolled and in the last 25 years it has trained over 300 clergy. In recent years BHI has started a School of Business running courses in accountancy and business management.

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Becky Jenkins

Having spent a year as a Reach volunteer with Friends International in Cambridge, in 2018 Becky, a member of St Andrew’s church family, and six other friends from Cambridge University have moved to Cheetham Hill in north Manchester to be a Christian presence in a multi-cultural community with no existing church with the aim of planting a church.
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Woking is home to Britain’s first purpose-built Mosque, and there are communities from all around the world now living here.  The largest minority community has its roots in Pakistan or Kashmir, and there are at least three other Mosques in Woking.  The Across Project is supported by 12 Woking churches and is linked with the national Mahabba network, which encourages ordinary Christians to be friends with ordinary Muslims.  The Project provides training courses and encouragement for the Christian community in Woking, and helps to build bridges of understanding between communities.
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Engage Woking Schools is a charity working to support a Christian presence in and around Woking: 35 primary schools, two secondary schools and Woking College.  It provides primary school assemblies, lunchtime and after-school clubs, storytelling, anger management groups, detached and pastoral work and RE lessons, as well as support for Christian Unions, school staff and general school activities.  It manages and co-ordinates the contributions to school life of many volunteers and church youth workers and has a growing link with the Open the Book primary school teams and local churches’ children’s and families’ workers.
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Woking Street Angels  are volunteers from many Woking Churches who serve on Fridays and Saturdays, from 10pm to 4am in the town centre of Woking. They help the many who have been enjoying a night out but are sometimes the worse for wear. They are now an established, popular and successful element of the night-time economy in Woking.  According to Surrey Police, during the hours that Street Angels are on duty, violent crime in the town centre has decreased by 64.5%.

St Andrew’s provides prayer and financial support and a number of our members have served and serve as “Angels”.
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Founded in 1987 The Besom is a national charity which has Woking as one of its centres of operation.  The Besom provides a bridge between those who want to give time, money, things or skills and those who are in need.  Activities in which The Besom is involved include providing furniture and undertaking gardening and house decorating.  Relying on the donation of material, time, skills and money The Besom provides services free of charge to those who need them

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